{mosimage}Athens International Digital Film Festival (www.aidff.com) and the Art center of Edge Hill University are meeting again to continue their cultural exchange which has started last year. A screening has already been planned, where the audience will have the chance to watch some of the films that have been awarded during the 3rd AIDFF. During the 3d AIDFF in September 2013, a special screening was organized for films created by the Edge Hill University students, especially for the Festival.

In the Shadow of deathless trees
The 3rd AIDFF took place during last September from 1st to 10th with the support of the “City of Athens”. There were more than 250 films from 35 countries, 150 films in the competitive section and various parallel events. AIDFF is one of the biggest Digital Film Festivals in Europe and an established meeting point for artists from around the world.AIDFF’s artistic director, Christos Karakasis, motivated by all the films produced by the very young, feels optimistic about the renewal of cinema culture through the new media.

This is the second screening that takes place in England during this year.  AIDFF’s non-stop communication to an international level is a key concern for the people working intensively on the Festival. Screenings are organized in many different countries during the year.

The first screeninCardboard flowersg of this year’s awarded films in England was held on March 21 in Coventry, by Culturae Mundi, which in Latin means “Cultures of the World".
During the 3rd International Digital Film Festival of Athens tribute nights were organized for other big international film Festivals, based in Tokyo, Finland, England, China and America, and for important Greek filmmakers.

The Festival is collaborating with the International Wildlife Vaasa Festival of Finland (Partner of the Festival), the Wildlife Conservation Film Festivals of America, which is based in New York and also travels to Miami, Washington and other U.S. cities. DUHOK International Film Festival is AIDFF’s most recent collaborator. DHUOK Festival is organized by the General Directorate of Culture, Arts, Sports and Youth Duhok in cooperation with mîtosfilm in Berlin.

The screening in Edge Hill Univesrity will take place on May 21, at 14:00 in LECTURE THEATRE, CREATIVE EDGE, EDGE HILL UNIVERSITY, L39 4QP.

Organized by Yiannis Koufonikos, Lecturer (Media Department)
Communication: Vasiliki Kappa (Festival Producer)

«» (Turkey), Direction  Nail Pelivan,   30min
«I’ll tell you» (India), Direction  Diksa Grover,  28:00
«»  (Russia), Direction  Sergey Pedan  13:04
Best Documentary Award (Giannis Labrou) in A.I.D.F.Festival for the «Attica Zoological Park», Direction   Dimitris Mavromatis,  55mini'll tell you

“THE WORLD OF ATTICA ZOOLOGICAL PARK”, Director Dimitris Mavromatis, Country of Production Greece, Credits Directed - Editing : DIMITRIS MAVROMATIS, Music Composition: DIMITRIS CHATZIGIANNAKIS, Production : Attica Zoological Park
Summary: Life at Attica Park and the relationship between man and animals surrounded interviews and special moments. The narrative is claiming cinematic moments with analog light and angle shoots that the image along with the music is often soulful and tender.
Filmmaker’s Bio I 'm Coming From the field of cinema and advertising from 1995 to date as a cameraman.

Summary:  Aditya, in love with his teacher, decides to confess his love to her. He quickly grabs the opportunity to go see her at her residence. There, he is trapped in a situation where she reads his innocent love wrongly. A confession that changes into an apology, what does Aditya decide to tell?
Filmmaker’s Bio  Diksha Grover is a film graduate from the National Institute of Design, India. Her college fiction project 'Vanity Box' has been recognised nationally and internationally. "I'll tell you" is her final diploma film at her Design University.

“IN THE SHADOW OF DEATHLESS TREE”, Director Nail Pelivan, Country of Production: Turkey
Credits director-script-edit: Nail Pelivan consultant: Özer Kızıltan d.o.p.: Yusuf Yılmazsoy / production manager: Selin Togay music: Ata Güner producer: Erkan Cılak - Nail Pelivan
Summary You spent it in this way, in all places, too. You cannot find a different sea. This city will follow you. You will walk in same streets, again. You will age in same neighborhood. Your hair will turn grey in same houses. You will come to this city in the end, coming full circle. how you spent your life, in this corner. You cannot find a new country.

Director  SERGEY PEDAN, Country of Production  RUSSIA
Credits Director: Sergey Pedan Directors of photography: Maksim Kutyansky, Alexey Surkov Art Director: Anastasia Levina Set director: Ivan Zherbin Actors: Vladimir Minakhin, Maria Pirogova, Galina Mochalova, Igor Yasulovich, Viktor Kravchenko, Alexander Rublev
Summary He was completing his studies at the Academy of Arts, and had to find a theme for his diploma work. That time he came across Italian film "Blow-up"... And he thought: "Maybe I should just pick up my camera and start shooting..."
Filmmaker’s Bio   Born in Leningrad in 1986. - Graduated from Lenfilm's film school "KADR" in 2009 as film director. - Studied at the University of Cinematography (VGIK) in 2009-2012 (faculty of film directing, workshop of K.G.Shahnazarov).