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Artist fin DAC Creates His Urban Aesthetic Starting Nov. 25 at Lord Balfour Hotel Miami

blackjack bogotaNovember 15, 2013 - Miami Beach, FL.....In his short career, fin DAC has defined and perfected a paint style that ignores the accepted visual language of street art. “I call it Urban Aesthetics – a modern-day take on the 19th century art movement,” says fin DAC, an artist living in London, but born and bred in Cork, Ireland.  Extra! Extra! Read all about it

The Irish Times calls fin DAC “One of 100 people driving creativity in Ireland right now“ and his  work has been hailed by art critics and journalists alike.     Over the last several weeks he has been leaving his unique imprint across the United States with stops in Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Palm Springs and Denver.   The culmination of this unofficial tour will be in Miami, as he celebrates Art Basel Miami at the Lord Balfour Hotel.  fin DAC is set to get to work on November 25th when he will paint a hauntingly beautiful image of a truly modern day take on a geisha on the hotel’s interior courtyard, which is very fitting for the hotel’s design aesthetic.  Each guestroom highlights a beautiful tattooed woman and we think Lord Balfour would be pleased with this additional choice from fin DAC.   Balfour was a character, thoroughly vain, totally irreverent and there is no doubt he loved being surrounded by beautiful women – we think he would be pleased with this new beauty.   

Visitors to Miami and guests alike will be able to see fin DAC in action and watch his technique as he creates this one-of-a-kind imprint.   “In every way possible - from my attitude to my approach, from the way I cut stencils, to the way I use a spray can - hopefully everything I do sets me apart from conformity,” says fin DAC, “I know absolutely nothing about the art world or its trends...I find all that excruciatingly boring!"

Watch urban artist fin DAC at work beginning Monday, November 25 at the Lord Balfour Hotel Miami.  Check out fin DAC's beautiful work at, the cover of Ibiza Style magazine, the 'Urban in Ibiza' mini festival in Atzaro and showcased on the Mercantile London blog.   He is also Director at the urban/digital art brand Beautiful Crime.

About the Lord Balfour Hotel

The Lord Balfour gives a wink to the Brits, and delivers a distinctive experience and chic vintage style that merges with a thoroughly modern setting. Situated at 350 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, in a neighborhood better known as “SoFi” to the locals, the hotel sits just steps from the beach and Lummus Park.  Located within the heart of the historic Art Deco district the city’s ever growing arts and culture scene takes hold at the hotel’s exhibit pre and during Art Basel Miami 2013.  T: 305 673.0401

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