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Take a trip to the Invisible Cities” continues its journey in Finland

afisa poli korsnas finlandia webVasiliki Kappa's solo exhibition ”Take a trip to the Invisible Cities” continues its journey in Finland, this time taking place at the unique Swedish speaking coastal community of Ostrobothnia, in Korsnäs. The exhibition will be hosted for one and a half month (16.1.- 27.2.2015) at the Korsnäs Library and completed by the film «Take a trip», directed by Christos Karakasis, which is in close dialogue with the paintings, and will be screened at the same time.


The film’s main idea is about the deeper existence of a city. There will be a special screening at the opening and afterwards the film will be constantly screened by a special installation. The exhibition and the film come together in a new creative context coupling painting, cinema and writing, with semantic extensions that expand our standard conception of the limits of art.

Besides the unique paintings, the exhibition will also include Vasiliki Kappa’ s book "Take a trip to the Invisible Cities" which emerged from her creative meeting with the film “Take a trip”. The book’s text was originally used as the narration of the film, it was published, in English, by KOYINTA Publishing House in August 2014. It is a poetic narrative with elements from her first conception of her painted cities, fifteen years ago, until today.

Parts of the book are translated into Swedish by the famous author Carita Nystrom and will be read at the opening, while music will be played by Souvlaki Orchestra. Furthermore, another book, a special color version large dimension book entitled «Paintings by Vasiliki Kappa» will also be available to the audience.

The exhibition will open on Friday January 16th at 19.00.

”Take a trip to the Invisible Cities” exhibition was hosted first time in Finland, during October 2014 at the Vaasa City Library in co-operation with Wildlife Vaasa Film Festival, supported by The Regional Council of Ostrobothnia

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