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Vasiliki Kappa exhibits her famous Invisible Cities in Canada

invisible cities 1The well-known artist Vasiliki Kappa will exhibit 33 new paintings of her famous Invisible Cities in a special exhibition, featuring 4 artists and their personal shows that will take place in Vancouver, September 4-18, at “The BEAUMONT Gallery”, a pole of attraction for modern artists.

The specific works are embossed cities on canvas featuring the imaginative space through the magic of the rich colors. These are the most elaborate works of her city-series, so far, created in new ways that give the viewer the illusion he holds a real piece of land in his hands, full of sea, sky, and tiny houses. The artist had several exhibitions in Europe. Her Cities, were presented for the first time in a solo exhibition in Athens (2002) and soon became very popular. During the last three years she had solo exhibitions in Helsinki and other cities in Finland, attracting thousands of visitors. In 2014 she also published a special book titled "Take a Trip to the Invisible Cities," a poetic narration that was being written, in parallel, since the very first conception of her cities in 1998. It wasn’t till 2014, though, before things were brought together.


A creative meeting with the well-known film director Christos Karakasis, who asked her to write the narration for a series of documentaries presenting major cities of the world titled “Take a Trip”, led her to publish the book. The book is written in English and translated into Swedish by the famous writer Carita Nystrom. Vasiliki Kappa, who is born and raised in Toronto, currently lives in Athens. She studied painting and holds a master degree in digital arts, she also completed a wide range of artistic and theoretical studies in film direction, music, theater, ancient Greek and linguistics. She is also a well-known novelist (Kastaniotis Publishing house, Kouinta publishing house) recognized by literary critique as one of the most interesting voices in contemporary literature and officially nominated for a State novel Prize.
christos n. karakasis


A photo exhibition will take place at the same time, showing 18 photographs of landscapes taken by the internationally awarded Film Director Christos N. Karakasis and produced with a 35mm photography technique. His Landscapes have been exhibited on wall size printings in Moscow and other cities of the world. His work full of clarity and energy is an amazing conception of Greek land and its landscapes. He has also exhibited in Finland where he first cooperated with Vasiliki Kappa during her Invisible Cities exhibition with his film Take a Trip, which was projected in a special installation.

He recently participated in the Photography Exhibition entitled "Greece: Moments of Personal Happiness" in Moscow, which was inaugurated on January 22, 2016 at the Na Kashirke Gallery. Christos N. Karakasis is known for his films, which have won international acclaim and are screened in many countries. His photographic work, filtered through the director's eye, is mainly a set of images that meet both the standards of a photograph and a film shot. He studied Film-Theatre-TV Direction, Computer Science, Music and Humanities and has Postgraduate Diplomas both in Training and Development, and Film and Theatre Direction.



maria Kyriaki


Two artists from the city of Vancouver will also exhibit their work. Maria Kyriaki, will exhibit 12 ideal Mediterranean landscapes that combine pictures of olive trees from her back yard and rich painted surfaces where she depicts the Mediterranean feeling, designed with mixed and digital media. She was born in Toronto and currently lives in Burnaby BC. She paints, creates small scale mosaics and designs images in digital media.


She has numerous participations in art exhibitions, solo and team. She studied Acting and drama, Ballet and contemporary dancing, music and singing, she holds a Bachelor degree in pedagogical studies and a postgraduate degree in Theatrical studies. She is also an active actress since 1999 with various and significant roles in the theatre and also cinema and TV.

Last but not least young artist Juvel Jeo Jose who works as a full time artist for major Hollywood productions will exhibit paintings featuring landscapes from his childhood memories of his home in southern India.




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