the eggFrom the director, actor and founder of Eastwood Vision production company, Andrej Dojkic, comes The Egg, a short movie based on the short story by Andy Weir (author of the Ridley Scott’s The Martian starring Matt Damon), and inspired by Dr Michael Newton’s book, Journey of Souls. It will make its premiere in Greece at the upcoming screening at the Athens International Digital Film Festival.


The focal point of this short feature is the depiction of the fine line that separates the realm of the cave where the character of a man finds himself, and the cavern of the uterus from which he began the very first instant of his life. What is exactly the origin and the nature of this entity that passes judgement on us while we wait for our merit to be measured and our final destination to be decided upon? The Egg portrays a man who was sent into a new cycle of receiving instruction on not just his own self, but his very soul about the true reality and merit of its path so far, and based on it, the next stage of its long journey. This is surely a challenging and inexhaustible topic requiring open discussions and experience sharing and presenting it within the boundaries of a short movie is bold, to say the least. Hopefully the movie provided to the audience a taste of what afterlife might taste like, not to mention some food for thought (and for a lively debate after the screening).

Featured in the film is the mesmerizing voice of Ross Huguett, an award winning voice actor, who certainly contributed to the amazing atmosphere of this movie adding to the strong impact generated by its impressive cinematography.

The director of The Egg short movie said that it is an honor to debut the movie at one of the best indie festivals in Greece and that he is thrilled with the opportunity to share his film with the International Film Community.

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