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12th Athens International Digital Film Festival AIDFF The New Cinema

12 aidffThe application period to participate in the 12th Athens International Digital Film Festival AIDFF has started. The festival, dedicated to the promotion of digital cinema, has established and championed the concept of New Cinema. It stands as the sole festival in Greece and one of the few in Europe that embraces all forms of cinematographic art. The festival features fiction, documentary, experimental animation, video-art, video-dance, and student films created using new digital media.

Simultaneously, the 10th International Ecological and Scientific Panorama will be held. For a decade, the Panorama has aimed to disseminate science through the compelling power10th International Ecological and Scientific Panorama of audiovisual media and digital technologies utilized by scientists worldwide. This year's theme, "Activism and the Use of Documentaries as Catalysts for Positive Change in Politics and Society," signifies strategic plans for collaboration, networking, and the utilization of diverse digital media to produce relevant information that shapes our world for the better.

In addition to the 12th AIDFF, the 1st International Festival of Short and Feature Film Scripts will be initiated. The term "script" originates from theater, specifically the Commedia dell'Arte, meaning "small scene." In Commedia dell' Arte, actors improvised on a given theme. Similarly, in cinema, the script serves as a pretext for creation, providing the canvas upon which directors can embroider their artistry. The screenwriter not only constructs the premise of the work but also invents its characters.

International Short and Feature Film Script FestivalThroughout these eleven years, the festival has successfully become a preferred destination for filmmakers worldwide. Consequently, a new generation of creators with open horizons, unburdened by divisions, continues to emerge.

During the 11th AIDFF, we screened 100 experimental films, video art, video dance, and documentaries, both long and short, from 35 countries over six days.

 An international committee, comprising a large group of professionals, oversees the entire film selection process, from the initial application to the final screening. All films presented in the festival's halls are considered winners. Each year, the diverse digital landscape serves as inspiration to reevaluate the medium we employ to create films and to define new technologies.


Aesthetic exploration remains the primary objective of AIDFF, with independent production serving as the bedrock of artistic expression.

The festival is organized by the KOYINTA Organization and TicketsTickets and collaborates with various companies and cultural representatives in numerous cities in Greece and countries around the world.






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Athens International Digital Film Festival

Applications for participation can be submitted to the festival via the FilmFreeway platform:

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