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The renowned KOUINTA PRODUCTION Film Company has successfully secured global distribution

englandThe renowned KOUINTA PRODUCTION Film Company has successfully secured global distribution for all its productions on popular film platforms in America and Canada.  The highly acclaimed documentary film, "Take a Trip," will soon make its much-anticipated premiere in the upcoming weeks. Audiences will have the opportunity to experience this captivating film on various platforms, including Web, Android, iOS, Roku, Chromecast, Google Play Store, Amazon Fire TV, LG TV, Apple TV, Google TV, Android TV, and Samsung TV.

Simultaneously, "Take a Trip" continues its remarkable journey, accumulating awards as it travels through over 35 countries. With an impressive tally of 37 international awards in categories such as direction, screenplay, photography, music, text, and narration, along with 90 official entries to date.Through his captivating documentary film, 'Take a Trip,'filmmaker Christos Karakasis guides us into a dense spatiotemporal continuum, from the past of the city of London to its present, on an immersive journey that transcends the take a trip poster external realm, delving deep into the inner essence that resonates within each of us.The narrative unfolds against the backdrop of London, skillfully interwoven with the evocative writings of Vasiliki Kappa.The film unearths the tumultuous past of the city, unfurling the profound history of the world during the tumultuous era of the Second World War. London's skies filled with smoke, while the iron birds of the Luftwaffe spread death upon the streets of the capital.Returning to the present, we meander amidst the train stations and the serene banks of the Thames, traversing the vibrant neighborhoods of Westminster and Camden Town.

We find ourselves immersed in iconic landmarks like the British Museum and Hyde Park. Side by side, we stand with those who passionately advocate for a society grounded in equality, vehemently protesting against intolerance and racism. They champion the cause of a superior education system, recognizing its pivotal role in steering clear of the mistakes that plagued our past."The film's exceptional success across diverse countries confirms that its core message deeply resonates with viewers, transcending cultural boundaries. Extracts from the inspiring narrative of "Take a Trip" were even incorporated into the communication text of the Rome International Film Festival, with lines like: "Perhaps the journey is purely internal, after all. The city itself exists only within us. What is a city but our perception of it?"

The film's exploration of the interconnectedness of past, present, and future, our personal connection to the world, and its profound message against all forms of violence have garnered a genuine following. Audiences have embraced it as one of their favorite films. Vasiliki Kappa's masterfully crafted and thought-provoking narrative captivates everyone, evoking a range of emotions. "People, like streams flowing through buildings, share striking similarities, particularly in moments of anger." The intentional juxtaposition by the author-narrator ultimately leads to a candid personal confession, shedding unnecessary literary pretense to embrace the true essence of time, "unfolding like a tangle." The film has given birth to a new creative context, where painting, cinema, and writing converge, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression, particularly within the realm of creative documentary.

Screenplay - Direction - Editing: Christos N. Karakasis
Directors of Photography: George Devon, Dionysios Dimas, Christos N. Karakasis
Text - Narrative: Vasiliki Kappa
Music Composition: Grigoris Yarelis
Assistant Director-Sound Engineer: Nikos Psaltakis
Production Assistant: Maria Kappa
Production Countries: England-Greece Duration: 30 minutes Format: 4k-DCP
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Take a Trip IMDb:
Produced by Kouinta Film Company:
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