{mosimage}Portraits in transition-
in between medias and cultural areas in contemporary art.

Faces – maps of evidence. Reflecting on them in order to build a reflection the visitor has to read, Faccia Lei becomes a storyboard, an attempt to connect behaviours and cultures in the languages of contemporary communication
Faces correspond in the meantime to expressions and impressions, spreading dialogues and outlook, complex personalities or basic structures, signs and significance. Faces and portraits assembled to express a text by itself, needing no  further explanation. This is the sense of the title which has to be understood in the ambiguity of Italian language, as an invitation for everyone to take an appropriate personal view point.
The idea of a virtual crowd, in which the visitor is pushed to make up his mind and to invent an own theory of relations and understandings, discovering sympathetic feelings and eventually possible matchings and friendships. Could Babel be the right indication for the future?
Faccia Lei will be hosted in Venice in the spaces of  Spazio Thetis, a company dedicated to environmental research, located in Arsenale Novissimo. The opening will be on the 6th of June.
The exhibition is a project from Museum Arterra from Austria.

Wejdan Almannai, Rob Armory, Akos Birkas, Jakob Bolotin, Benedetta Bonichi, Emilia Burgos, Suzy Chang, Alinka Echevarria, Antonio Girbes, G.R.A.M., Flutura & Besnik  Haxhillari, Zhang Huan, Urs Jaeggi, Kikos Lanitis, Carolina Larrea, Aroldo Marinai, Jurgen Messensee, Mohammadi Mahfooz Meysam, Patrizia Guerresi Maimouna, Sebastiano Mauri, Ana Mendieta, Fabiola Narvaez, Lorenzo Petrantoni, Nicola Pucci, Arash Radpour, Ana Rito, Fabius Tita, Mariana Vassileva, Victor Vazquez, Kimiko Yoshida, Xena Zupanic.

Curator: Elena Agudio,